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NABARD at its edge in feeding new innovations into the traditional livelihood of sustainable dairy farming via subsidy schemes

Dairy Farming from being traditional run businesses, today it has grown hugely as an organized dairy industry with technological specializations in every part of the process.

Commercial and small-scale dairy farming in India has seen tremendous growth in dairy farming equipment that helps modern dairy farms to manage thousands of dairy cows and buffalos.

Dairy farming is still termed to be an unorganized sector in India and a major source for livelihood in rural areas. In an endeavor to bring in structure to the industry and to provide assistance for setting up dairy farms, the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries launched the “Venture Capital Scheme for Dairy and Poultry”.

NABARD Dairy Farming Subsidy Schemes

Dairy farming is considered to be a big business in India and is growing each year. In an effort to further strengthen dairy and poultry farming in India, the NABARD (Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme) subsidy for dairy farming was launched.

Listed are the assistance provided under NABARD subsidy scheme:

  • Establishment of small dairy units with crossbred cows/ indigenous descript milch/ graded buffaloes.
  • Rearing of heifer calves – in crossbred, indigenous descript milch breeds of cattle and of graded buffaloes – up to 20 calves.
  • Vermicompost (milch animal unit-with milch animals).
  • Purchase of milking machines/testers/bulk cooling units (up to 2000 lit capacity).
  • Purchase of dairy production equipment for the manufacture of indigenous milk products.
  • Development of dairy product transportation facilities and cold chain.
  • Cold storage facilities ensuring the maintenance of milk and milk products.
  • Establishment of private veterinary clinics.
  • Dairy marketing outlet / Dairy parlor.
  • Government Subsidy scheme on milking machines/testers/bulk cooling units (5000ltr max)
  • Establish Unit Purchase-of milking machines/testers/bulk cooling units (5000ltr max)

As a result, some dairy farmers are losing their investment instead of being benefited. Proper business plan, well management and care with the government subsidy plans can help them with maximum production and profit from the dairy farming business.

A Small Gist on Us

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