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Why Milking Machinery and Dairy equipment? – Newer Innovations to value the efforts of our farmers who are all our life term partners.

Today we remain in a diverse agricultural Co-operative committed to building our financial strength and stability, which includes enhancing the economic vitality and diversity of the rural and regional communities in which we secure a sustainable supply chain and developing win-win partnerships in the markets that we serve.

Farmers who appreciate technology use milking machines for serving the needs at their herd to safeguard and yield the quality products in their farm.

Smart Milking & Maintenance Solutions in Modern Dairy Equipment

Automation: Combining very latest technology to create automotive milking machines getting paralleled when it comes to optimum productivity, milk quality, and efficiency.

Pasteurization: Pasteurizer’s equipment is used to pasteurization process for heat treatment of products to kill bacteria and reduce enzymatic activity.

Milk separators: Milk separators in milk processing plants to ensure the texture and excellent quality of products and elevated performance of skimming milk by preventing intake of destructive air.

Standardization:  Used to ensure that every consumer gets milk with constant fat content and consistency. Enduring the Promising quality yields.

Milk Testers: Tailored to the exact fit to the quality needs of the dairy and food industries, Milk will be allowed to perform analysis on toxic, impurity and adulteration compounds engaged in the yielded milk if any.

Bulk Milk Coolers: Making sure, the milk cooler is fast enough, holding temperature and agitating your milk until it leaves your farm. Advanced Storage coolers are equipped with a number of Plate Coolers and chilling systems, bulk milk tanks and now the HALO system.

Persuading the complete ecosystem of Milk Processing

Nowadays, the advanced hi-tech machines are designed and developed to consider the farmers’ everyday needs. Milk harvesting doesn’t end with the removal of milk from animals but, it also possesses the lifecycle of transporting it to the storage chamber and keeping it safe until the milk is ready for further processing or for use.

Modern Dairy Machines is devoted to catering to the needs of modern dairy industries. The milk processing machines have a great role to make the dairy industry as one of the major food industries all over the world. So, we vision engineer the robust dairy products and services. Begin working with Modern Dairy Machines experts today.


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