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WOW Facts about Dairy cattle

Cow fields and pastures across the globe, and cow products are valued and consumed worldwide because their production of milk isn’t seasonal, as crops usually are. Scientists are still finding new uses for the average of 80 pounds of manure that a dairy cow produces daily.

There are a lot of scary claims out there about Dairy Cows and its milk. Chew the cud over these facts about bovines.

Cows have a single stomach, but four different complicated digestive compartments.

Cattle — dairy and beef — have a specialized digestive system with four pouches – the reticulum, the rumen, the omasums, and the abomasums—each serving a specific purpose that allows them to utilize a diet primarily. As a ruminant, they regurgitate and re-chew their food.

Cows emit methane but don’t blame them for global warming.

When they are digesting their food, ruminants produce large quantities of methane, around 20% of global methane emissions. They have stomachs with several chambers, enabling them to regurgitate food from one chamber in order to reduce it in size by renewed chewing. That is why people had assumed till now that ruminants produce similar amounts of methane.

Pasteurization destroys the nutrients in milk.

Pasteurization is a gentle heat method aimed solely at eliminating harmful bacteria that can be found in raw milk. And, Studies show that pasteurization significantly reduces the nutritional value of milk; it simply kills bacteria to make milk safe to drink. In fact, processed milk has numerous essential nutrients, including added vitamin A and D. Both the FDA and CDC, warn against the drinking of raw milk due to outbreaks of foodborne illnesses associated with consumption of raw milk products.

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