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Industrial Revolution – On the verge of witnessing a vital move in Agriculture and Dairy Sector

Agriculture is the oldest human sector, but it’s obviously no stranger to technological change. The industrial revolutions of current centuries replaced handheld tools and cow-drawn ploughs with gasoline engines and chemical fertilizers.

Ramping up quality production to that degree isn’t easy, but the engineers and farmers of today are working together to present a technological solution: the “Modern farm.”

There are more humans alive on the globe at present than ever before 7 billion and the number is estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050. This magnitude brings a lot of challenges and needs extensive food production among them. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization predict that we need to boost worldwide food production by 70 percent over the next several decades in order to feed the anticipated population.

Steady Adoption of current trends

Modern farming and precision agriculture encompass the integration of advanced technologies into existing farming practices in order to increase production efficiency with quality products. As an added benefit, they also improve the lifestyle for farm workers by reducing heavy labour and tedious tasks.

How are these inventions already changing the practices, and what new changes will they bring in the future? Here are the major inventories that have been emerging in the agro and dairy practices.

Driverless Tractors

The tractor is the heart of a farm, used depending on the type of farm and the configuration of its ancillary equipment.

In the early stages, human effort will still be required to set up a field and boundary maps, program the efficient field paths using path planning software and opt for best-operating conditions. Humans will also still demand periodical repair and maintenance.

Nevertheless, autonomous tractors will become more capable and self-sufficient over time, especially with the inclusion of cameras and additional machine vision systems, GPS for navigation, IoT connectivity to enable remote monitoring and radar as well as LiDAR for object detection and avoidance. All of these advancements will significantly diminish the need for manual support to actively control these machines.

Automatic Cow Milking Machine

Cows are the most abundantly used livestock on the Earth, focusing the milk and milk products. These cow products help make the world go round. For large-scale milking operations, it simply isn’t feasible to have a countable number of workers milking cows from morning until night. Even still, having workers attach automatic machines to the udders is still in need of additional improvements. For this reason, the automated cow milking machine was developed which takes humans completely out of the process.

Automotives in Farming Community

These automotive machines are only a touch into the variety of high-efficiency farming machines. The biggest fear with this scale of automation is minimal labour work, creating an economy that is poised on skilled labour. While these innovations are yet to make wonders, the world will have to face the problem of skyrocketing unemployment in the future as automation, as seen in the farming industry, hits the rest of the workforce.

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