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Since our inception in 2015, we have continued to rise as the leading brand name, setting standards as a role model for other rising companies. Fully equipped manufacturing factory is established in Coimbatore, which is a major hub for manufacturing in Tamil Nadu. We also laid the research and testing center in a total area of 8 acres in semboothampalayam, Erode Tamilnadu, India. Company-owned branches are set up in all Tier II and major Tier III cities to speed up the customer service.

Our mission is to make the technology affordable to every farmer in the world. Due to cost factor, latest technology is not affordable to everyone but we can make this dream come true by following Japanese manufacturing aphorism "Highest quality is lowest cost".

Why Choose Us?

Team of professional

Our highly trained technical team understands the significant elements to balance costs with efficiency and rollout new products. We optimize resource usage to turn tight rollout project plans into reality.

High Tech Machinery

Factory is well-equipped with all the latest high tech machineries to machine the Grey iron, SG iron vacuum pump parts within the tolerance without deviations. We also have the latest machineries for rubber and plastic moulding.

Quality Standards

We have quality assurance processes in all the stages of manufacturing process to make sure that the quality is not comprised. Raw materials are thoroughly inspected as part of incoming material inspection and then these raw materials are gone through multiple quality checks in each and every stage of the manufacturing processes.

Innovative Outgrowth

We strongly believe in innovation and this is the tool that can make our mission possible. Team is encouraged to do pour ideas in regular Stand-Up meetings to satisfy unarticulated needs of the farmers in all possible innovative way.
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