Dairy Processing Division-Pasteurizer

Pasteurizer 300LPH

Pasteurizer Pasteurization or Pasteurisation is a process in which packaged and nonpackaged foods (milk) are treated with mild heat, usually to less than 100 °C to eliminate pathogens and extend shelf life.

HTST Pasteurization Temperature is regulated at close limits and overheating is prevented.

  • Raw milk feed temperature : 4-35 deg C
  • Pasteurization temperature: 80 deg C
  • Holding time for pasteurization : 300 seconds
  • Finished milk temperature: 10 deg C
  • Heat regeneration efficiency: 90%
Product Overview
  • Improves preservation quality by destroying almost all spoilage organisms
  • Pasteurization by heating and time treatments are a compromise among bacterial killing along with a number of other factors such as taste, phosphate inactivation, cream line reduction, etc.

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