milk fat separator machine
  • milk fat separator machine

Dairy Processing Division-Cream separator

Cream Separator All SS - 325 LPH


Cream Separator This machine separates cream from the milk.
  • Operating voltage 220-240v
  • Current capacity Single phase
  • Bowl speed is about 7300rpm
  • Bowl weight 1.990gm
  • Bowl material : MS
  • Spout materials  MS
  • Tank material : Aluminium
  • Tank sheet thickness 0.8mm
  • Spout sheet thickness 0.8mmv
  • Min milk quantity 5ltr
  • Distributor material brass
  • Output will not be stable it will change according to the milk thickness.
  • No of disc in bowl 21
Product Overview

Cream separator machines performs automatically by means of the influential three- phase motor abilities to produce high centrifugal force, essential for separating solid from milk effectively and hence obtain high quality and high volume of the cream from the milk.

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