Milk Analyzer
  • Milk Analyzer

Milk Collection Center Equipment-Milk Analyser

Milk Analyzer

Milk Analyzer This machine is used to measure Fat & Solid-not-Fats (SNF) content in milk.
  • Technology- Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Measuring time - 38 sec
  • Milk sample volume - 25 ml
  • Display- 2*20 Character LCD display
  • Material- SS
  • Consumption - 40W
  • AC voltage 160V-270V/ 50Hz
  • DC voltage 12 v-14.2 V DC/ 3.5 A
Product Overview
  • The Ultrasonic Electronic Milk Analyser performs measurement of Fat & Solid-not-Fats (SNF) content in milk. 
  • The percentage of Fat & SNF content is measured accurately and displayed quickly on a Ultrasonic Milk Analyser LCD for the convenient read-out by the user and the milk producer.
  • The instrument is simple, economical, reliable and rugged for milk analysis.
  • This instrument can also be integrated with Automatic Milk Collection Unit for quick measurement of milk parameters, processing and storing them for records.
  • The instrument is ideally suited for the village milk collection centers, milk chilling centres etc. and milk testing laboratories.

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