Cow Mat price
  • Cow Mat price

Farm Equipment Division-Cow Mat

Interlocking Cow Mat

Cow mat Cow mat is used for the safety of cow.


  •  6*4 feet
  •  17 mm thickness
  •  40 Kgs Weight
Product Overview

Product Overview:

  •  The comfort of cows is directly proportional to their productivity and profitability
  •  It is especially important for cows to be comfortably when they are lying down  
  •  This is because cows need to lie down for at least twelve hours in order to increase milk production, as a circulation of blood to the udder increases by 30 per cent.
  • Reduced health risks in cows.These mats will protect the cows from the hard and cold floor, and also relieve the symptoms of arthritis
  • Comfortable cow mats have a direct impact on the productivity of cows. Cows that sleep on these mats are usually very well-rested and they produce more milk.

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