Bestie milk machine with Engine
  • Bestie milk machine with Engine

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Bestie Milking Machines With Engine


Bestie milking machine with engine Modern Dairy Machines Bestie milk machine for small farms in India.
  • For 1 to 15 Cattle
  • 250 lpm pump
  • 1 hp motor
  • 25 litres SS milk can
  • 6 to 8 inch nylon wheels
  • 60/40 pulsator
  • Petrol Engine
Product Overview
  • Bestie milking machine is designed for small farmers with 1 to 15 cows
  • Oil pump- low noise. long life
  • The stainless steel tank is fitted to prevent rusting.
  • Weight balanced Bestie with 6 to 8-inch nylon wheels
  • As the filter is transparent, users can easily view moisture/ dust inside the filter so that immediate cleaning action could be carried out
  • Runs with UPS battery,engine, and inverter during power cuts.

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