Chaff Cutter tractor operated
  • Chaff Cutter tractor operated

Dairy Farm Equipment-Chaff cutter

Chaff cutter PTO


Chaff Cutter This type of chaff cutter can be attached with tractor and designed for big farmers.
  • Motor- 5 hp
  • For 50 to 70 animals
  • Capacity- 2500kgs/ hr
  • Belt- Coveyor belt
Product Overview
  • Chaff cutter PTO is designed for Big farmers
  • This chaff cutter can also be used for very big goat farming
  • Conveyor belt is attached so that feed will be automatically taken with high speed rolling belt
  • Based on the user convenience either top or bottom blower could be used
  • Bottom blower output could be closed to use top blower and vice versa
  • Fully covered blades with forward/ reverse gear available
  • Heavy duty. Vibration free
  • It is also provided by tractor based attachment.

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