milking machine for small farms price
  • milking machine for small farms price

Farm Equipment Division-Milking machine

Fixed Pipeline- Single Bucket Milking Machine Without Engine


Fixed Single Bucket Fixed pipeline- Single Bucket milking machine is designed for farmers with 1 to 15 cows.
  • For 1 to 15 Cattle
  • Heavy 500 lpm pump
  • 1.5 hp motor
  • 25 litres SS milk can
  • Fixed frame.
Product Overview


  • Pipeline can be fixed as per user convenience
  • Oil pump- low noise. long life
  • The stainless steel tank is fitted to prevent rusting.
  • New safety frame is introduced to avoid vibration and also to improve milking efficiency
  • Easy to carry, Vibration free
  • When the number of animals are increased in future, additional bucket sets could be used with same machine
  • Fixed single bucket milking machine has the provision to add petrol engine anytime without any additional alteration.
  • Engine could be easily added and used during power cuts.

Product Video

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